September 1, 2010

Living your life to the pleasing will of God!

Sometimes through life we get caught up in all of the things that make us happy, and then we forget to live our lives to the fullest and will of God.  He grants us many blessing.  But do we live our lives to the glory of God? Or are the things we love best, what we live for?

In life we don't need to get caught up in all the wonders of our happiness. We should make sure that all we are doing is to the will of God, and that whatever we do should please him.

Sure you may be having fun, but if its wrong, well, its wrong.! That isn't a question either, its a statement.  Living your life to the glory of God means not only putting him first, but doing his will, trusting his will, and whatever you do, making sure it IS his will. And if it is, do it to please God, not the people around you.

Wherever we go,  make sure we dress properly to please and glorify God. Wearing un-modest clothes are not pleasing to God, and are a stumbling block to those who see us.

Wherever we may be, make sure our attitude is God-glorifying.  Shouting back at the person we’re talking to would not please God. We should respond back in a calm voice that will not only please God, but also the person we are talking to.  “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” - Proverbs 15:1

We should also make sure our actions are God-glorifying.  Going about showing off, being someone we shouldn't be, or acting in an unpleasing manner is not pleasing to God or influential to the people we are around.  Others are influenced by the way we act, and if they see us doing it, they will do it as well.  We should make sure we are acting in accordance to God’s Word.

When we speak, we should always make sure that everything coming out of our mouth is truthful, God-glorifying, and kind.  We shouldn't gossip or talk about someone behind their back. We shouldn't lie when we know it is not the truth. And we should never speak nasty things, including cussing. (especially.)

As girls, when we put on jewelry or make-up, we should do it to be pleasing in the sight of God. Wearing too much can be revealing. Tone it down a bit and stop looking like some scary monster. 
God made you the way you are, and you should take joy in that and help influence the other ladies of this world.

Wherever we are or whatever we do, it should please God. We wouldn't want him to be looking down on us with contempt.  Instead, we should desire for him to look on us with love and mercy. 

Sure it is very hard to do the right thing.  Everyone has trouble, we are human.  People may say that their lives are fine, but if they aren't living them according to God‘s Word, then they are not fine.  Not the least bit.

Philippians 4:13 says that we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us.  He loves us and wants what is best for us! So let us all make an effort to do right, and if there is anything in our lives that will not please God, we should remove it Immediately.   Let’s show God that we truly love Him by living our lives to please Him in everything we do!

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Amy said...

It's very hard! The worst roadblock for me in doing that is that whole "What will people think" thing, and I scarcely ever care what people think of my weirdness, but when it comes to God, I just don't make any sense. But, I've been getting better and am always working on it!
P.S. the word verification is amylo! amy!