July 20, 2010

Everything Happens For A Reason!

Through life we have many ups and downs, good days, and bad days, trials, and tears, or joy and laughter.
All of that and more. Sometimes it is very rough to face all of life's problems.  You feel as if you cannot go on with life. You don't know where to turn.  All seems completely lost. What are you to do? Give up on life?

NO! When something terrible falls down upon your head, it feels as if that is all that you CAN do. 
What would be the point of living a life that you are moping through all day long?!

The answer to all of life's problems is this: Look to God! God is here by our side through every little trial, every tear, every  trouble you may face.  Not only that, he is by your side sharing with you all the joy and laughter that may shine upon your face too.   God isn't only here for us when we are in trouble, he is also sharing in all of the joy that you posses.

But, you do need to look to God for help when you need it. He is a comforting and mighty God, and he wants you to come to him for help. He wants to comfort you in is strong arms and make you feel as if you are loved.

You may be thinking "God?" "What in the world does he have to do with it? If he really cared, he would not of caused this terrible thing to happen to me. I would not be in tears all day long.  No I would be very happy. If God is so good to his children, then why am I not happy?!"

THAT, my dear friends is not the way to be.  God DOES care about you. So much so, that he died on the cross for your sins. So why would he give up on you now? God isn't a quitter. He loves you, so very much so, and is with you through every trial, every temptation, every heartache.

God hasn't abandoned you. Just because you feel lost, doesn't meant that he is not here.  For you know something? He has been there right by your side the whole time, you just didn't realize it. You know why? Because you didn't care. You didn't look to him for help. You were so busy being mad at God for all of your grief, that you forgot that he cares for you.  That he is ready to help you in all times of need.

Every single thing happens for a reason. When you wonder why God caused that to happen to you, did you know that it was for a reason? If not, then I have news for you--it was!  I have heard many a times through my life that if all days were perfectly wonderful, it wouldn't be a life at all.  That it wouldn't be any fun.  There is truth in that. Besides, think upon this.  Say there is something that you want, something that you have always wanted all your life, but you are just waiting on God to fulfill that dream.  If a certain mishap through life that caused you to be unhappy for a little while didn't happen, then what you want most may not of come true.  So you see? Everything does happen for a reason. Just, right then and there you didn't realize it.  You never do until the future.

When troubles do arise, we need to look to God on high.  He is an Amazing, All powerful, glorious, wonderful God! One who can do anything or everything. One who is with you through every tribulation, every sorrow. Even through all the joy you posses. He has created everything for a reason. Does everything for a reason. And IS who he is, for a reason.   So when you are feeling lost and alone, and are wondering where to go, or who to look to? Well my answer is to you..: "Look to GOD!"  The Lord is our strength, he is our light, he is our life, our joy, our all....