April 1, 2015

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January 14, 2011

Life is a gift....

Life is a gift, don't waste it.

"Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy..." ~1 Timothy 4:14

On the sixth day of creation, man was made created. "So God created Man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; Male and female created he them." ~Genesis 1:27.

People take life for granted. They claim their innocence, and announce to the world that they are living a good life. They haven't done anything wrong, so why worry about tomorrow? I got through this day, I can get through the next. 

But are they really living a good and godly life?  They may be doing "good" in some aspects, but that "good" won't get a person to heaven.  The Bible says in Matthew Chapter 19:17.."Why callest though me good? There is none good but one, that is, God: but if though wilt enter into life, keep my commandments."

Jesus just stated in the verse above that no man is good, none but the only true God. What is goodness? Webster's dictionary describes it as "The quality or state of being good. Excellence of morals and behavior."

Do you think that a person could really be that good? I don't! Most definitely not! Goodness is not just going out and doing some respective duty to a crippled, giving money to the poor, etc. It is more than that. Sure, helping out those in need is a very good deed.  But it’s not the type of goodness that will cleanse a person from all sins.  One must first get new life and the only way to do so is by receiving the atoning blood of Christ that washes us clean and makes us presentable to the Father.  Only Jesus Christ can grant new life, through the blood he shed on the cross of Calvary. 

But after one becomes washed in the nourishment of the only begotten son, that does not mean you can go out and sin all that you like. No, that is where the good deeds come in.  For God is the only one that is perfectly good and does not sin. Every person out there is sinning. No one is good.  But, we must show Christ's goodness and  live a good and godly life by the power of the holy spirit.

We all fall short, and no one deserves God's goodness, but the grace given in salvation will also grant us the power to live a godly life.

People take life for granted. We should think about those words. Many issues of life are taken for granted, which causes heartaches and ruins lives.

Wasting one’s life, wasting the lives of their precious children, not living their lives to the fullest has became America's greatest tragedy. Lately, I have come across many chapters, quotes, paragraphs about the killing of babies. These are what caught my most deepest interest and surprise. However, this is what caught my deepest interest and surprise:

"Andrea Yates-- an evangelical Christian who followed the teaching of Genesis, had five children, and became so overwrought that she drowned them all."

"A letter written in 51. B.C. from a pagan husband in Egypt to his wife, revealed the casual way pagans viewed infants, particularly young girls.' Know that I am still in Alexandria...I ask and beg you to take good care of our baby son, and as soon as I receive payment I shall send it up to you. If you are delivered (before I  come home), if it is a boy keep it, if a girl, discard it."

Isn't that cruel? It drives shivers up ones spine just thinking about it.  The lives of babies, of children are being destroyed right before our very eyes. What about the babies future?

Parents kill their children, all for the sake of themselves, or like the story; only because it was not what they wanted.  Isn't that drastic? Who would think of doing such a thing? Surely not me. But sadly, thousands are being killed because of the numerous amount of people who take life for granted.

Everyone was created with an equal right to life. God created man in his image, after his likeness. From the littlest baby, to the eldest of men, all have the right to life. You may say, "Yeah, but everyone has a right to choose." Who has the right to choose death for a life created by God? God has granted life and it is not to be wasted or thrown away like it has no meaning. Life is a precious gift, not one that you get tired of at the end of a day and throw it away, but one that you keep and treasure. God sent his only Son so as we could have life. And if we don't waste our lives, or the lives of others, we truly will have a happy life and one worth living for.

So don't waste your life. Don't waste the lives of others. God put every person here on earth for a purpose.
Everyone's purpose is different... but everyone has the right to fulfill that purpose.  God's will is the will of the people.

So lets live a life worth living for and also worth dying for! Let us all live a life pleasing to the will and glory of God, one that was meant for us to live from the very beginning. And with God's help we can fulfill our mission, if only we trust in him, and all that he is.

So let’s live the life God intended. Then we can all look back and say the words that Jesus did when he created Man..."And God said that' It was very good!"

October 16, 2010

The unbiblical stateship of this world.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." ~Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God did create this world. Everything in it he called "Good."  He created the light, the darkness, the fish, birds, animals, the sea—the whole Earth!  Everything was perfect and full of life. Truly, it was "very good."

Then God created Man and Woman. Man out of the dust of the ground. Woman out of a rib from Man. God had created the perfect existence for man. There was no sin or curse in the world. They could eat of any tree of the garden except for the fruit of Good and Evil. However, they "would surely die" if they disobeyed God.

Out of their many blessings, and all of the fruit in the midst of the Garden, they chose to eat from the forbidden tree. They chose death over life.

Since the fall of Man, this world became a terrible and sinful place. The first murder started when Cain slaughtered is own brother Abel.  Ever since then there have been murders over the world. Due to pride and sinful hatred.

Before, you could walk all over the countryside without the  least of fear. Now there are people being kidnapped, raped, and even murdered by wicked people who care about nothing except harming the lives of others.

Society ordered after God's will is free of these things. This is why God the Father sent the Son to reconcile the world. He is seeking to restore it back into obedience to him.

In days gone by, when society was more godly, sin was not so prevalent. No, I am not saying that in the so called "olden days" there were no such worries.  I'm just saying that it wasn't as bad.  It wasn't as ungodly.

You may have heard people say "Theses aren't the olden days anymore."  Well they are right. They are not the olden days.

The world grows more evil and cruel as the years roll by.  Men have become  wicked, un-gentlemanlike, and have lost all respect for  ladies.  They also have become terrible sissy's themselves.  Women want all control over their homes. They have went out into the man's world to become the provider for their families. They have ceased to be delicate, etiquette, having manners, and being the Mother or wives of their homes.

Instead, they are sending off their children to Public Schools that don't teach the  truth. The lives of godly men and women are left out of history, and prayer and the Bible is not allowed.

I was blessed, to be Home-schooled, not having to worry about all of the chaos ,Or having to put up with their junk.  But I do see it. I do know what is going on.  Even outside of School you can see it every where you go in the lives of the people.

One of my best friends goes to a Public School. The other day we were talking about Science which led into the false inaccuracies she is learning.  She cannot believe how messed up her School has become.  I can only imagine how difficult it is for all of the Children who are having their heads filled with such nonsense.

Is this nuts or what? I got this from my Bible Class, which is called Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible.  How people can believe such nonsense is beyond me.

"The great Babylonian Creation epic known as Enuma begins with the mingling of the god of the fresh water, Aspu, with the great ocean and Mother of all things, Tiamat. The other gods are born of them. But because the young gods were noisy and wild, Aspu decided to destroy them. The you gods, however, learn of their fathers plan and kill Aspu. They then turn on their Mother Tiamat. Tiamat, in self defense, unleashes and army of monsters against the young gods.  Finally, a god named Marduk challenges his Mother to single Combat for dominion over all the gods. Tiamat opens her vast mouth to swallow Marduk, but he hurls the winds against her, and lets her loose a great arrow. Which tears her entrails from her body and pierces her heart. Pitiless, he executes his Mother and throws her lifeless corpse on the ground.  He splits her skull and corps in tow, one half becoming the firmament of the sky, and the other the earth. Eventually, Marduk creates man kind in order to provide the gods some relief from their Labors. "

People believe all kinds of nonsense.  How they can believe that over the Bible is beyond me. It doesn't even make sense.  But there are arguments all over the world declaring the Bible is false, incorrect, and saying that God is not a true God.  Listen to some of the arguments that men are trying to make up. They are saying that the Bible is full of Scientific errors, and are trying to come up with all the things possible to prove it.

"Many naysayer's often point to the lowly bat as proof that the Bible is riddled with Scientific errors, And therefore cannot be divinely inspired.  Bats are flying mammals, not birds, they say, so why does Leviticus 11:19 describe them as being numbered among the "birds"?  Other examples alleged Scientific errors found in the Bible include:

Leviticus 11:6 -- Where the rabbit is described as "chewing the cud."

Leviticus 11:21-24 -- Where grasshoppers and beetles "that walk on all fours." are mentioned (insects have six legs, not four. )

Leviticus 11:4-- Where the Camel is described as "not having split hoofs(camels do have split hooves.)

Genesis 3:14-- Where the snake is described as being condemned to crawl on its belly(as though at one point it did not.)

2 Kings 6:5-6-- Where Elisha the Prophet is described as making an iron ax head float to the surface of the water(iron doesn't float.)

But these "errors" are really just attempts to impost a scientific precision on texts that were never intended to be read in such a way. The Bible uses the casual, imprecise language of everyday life, not that of empical Science. Just as today we wouldn't say someone was "Lying" Or in "error" if he said that the sun rose at six o'clock in the morning-- when, scientifically speaking, the sun actually doesn't move at all relative to the earth-- the same is true of biblical descriptions of plants, animals, and the natural world.  The Bible is conveying broader moral philosophical ideas rather than the minutae of zoology.
For example, the Hebrew word used for bird could just as easily be translated "flying thing". In other passages, the same word is used for birds, bats, and certain insects.

The phrase "walk on all fours" is just a colloquial expression, not a scientific one-- and people in biblical times could count legs just as easily as people today

There are also scientific errors by skeptics concerning the Miracles of Christ. They claim the Bible is wrong because it is not humanly possible, such as Jesus walking on water (Matthew 12:24) and the burning bush that was not consumed (Exodus 3:2-5). So truly, that is no argument at all. They are only trying to make up such errors to find some way to deny they are accountable to God. Of course if you didn't believe in the Bible, or God, you wouldn't think that such things are possible.

Yes, it is not humanly possible, but Jesus was just no ordinary Man. He is and was the Son of the one and only true God.  And we all know that "With God, ALL things are possible.

"With Men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible." - Mark 10:27

So you see, with Men it shows that such things are not possible.  But you must also notice that it says "BUT not with God.". God is the true Lord of this earth. The One who created the earth in the beginning, called all of his works "very good", and is still working in the earth and people around us.

Though this world becomes more cruel with all of the false teachings, and all the people who believe such things, and are blind to the truth, we Christians, know the truth, "the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

But what can we do to help this world instead of sitting back and watching it all pass by our eyes? We can begin by praying because "Prayer Conquers much."  We can also be the examples that we should be, training up our own children (whether here in the present or with some of us in the near future.) in the right, and teaching them the Word of God.  We should raise them up to be godly Christians. (And hope they will raise their Children in the same way. )

God is truth, there is no one like him, and he is the one in control of our lives. With Gods help, we can  conquer this world!

"For we know that all things work together for good, to them that  love God; To them who are called according to his purpose. " Romans 8:28

September 1, 2010

Living your life to the pleasing will of God!

Sometimes through life we get caught up in all of the things that make us happy, and then we forget to live our lives to the fullest and will of God.  He grants us many blessing.  But do we live our lives to the glory of God? Or are the things we love best, what we live for?

In life we don't need to get caught up in all the wonders of our happiness. We should make sure that all we are doing is to the will of God, and that whatever we do should please him.

Sure you may be having fun, but if its wrong, well, its wrong.! That isn't a question either, its a statement.  Living your life to the glory of God means not only putting him first, but doing his will, trusting his will, and whatever you do, making sure it IS his will. And if it is, do it to please God, not the people around you.

Wherever we go,  make sure we dress properly to please and glorify God. Wearing un-modest clothes are not pleasing to God, and are a stumbling block to those who see us.

Wherever we may be, make sure our attitude is God-glorifying.  Shouting back at the person we’re talking to would not please God. We should respond back in a calm voice that will not only please God, but also the person we are talking to.  “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” - Proverbs 15:1

We should also make sure our actions are God-glorifying.  Going about showing off, being someone we shouldn't be, or acting in an unpleasing manner is not pleasing to God or influential to the people we are around.  Others are influenced by the way we act, and if they see us doing it, they will do it as well.  We should make sure we are acting in accordance to God’s Word.

When we speak, we should always make sure that everything coming out of our mouth is truthful, God-glorifying, and kind.  We shouldn't gossip or talk about someone behind their back. We shouldn't lie when we know it is not the truth. And we should never speak nasty things, including cussing. (especially.)

As girls, when we put on jewelry or make-up, we should do it to be pleasing in the sight of God. Wearing too much can be revealing. Tone it down a bit and stop looking like some scary monster. 
God made you the way you are, and you should take joy in that and help influence the other ladies of this world.

Wherever we are or whatever we do, it should please God. We wouldn't want him to be looking down on us with contempt.  Instead, we should desire for him to look on us with love and mercy. 

Sure it is very hard to do the right thing.  Everyone has trouble, we are human.  People may say that their lives are fine, but if they aren't living them according to God‘s Word, then they are not fine.  Not the least bit.

Philippians 4:13 says that we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us.  He loves us and wants what is best for us! So let us all make an effort to do right, and if there is anything in our lives that will not please God, we should remove it Immediately.   Let’s show God that we truly love Him by living our lives to please Him in everything we do!

July 20, 2010

Everything Happens For A Reason!

Through life we have many ups and downs, good days, and bad days, trials, and tears, or joy and laughter.
All of that and more. Sometimes it is very rough to face all of life's problems.  You feel as if you cannot go on with life. You don't know where to turn.  All seems completely lost. What are you to do? Give up on life?

NO! When something terrible falls down upon your head, it feels as if that is all that you CAN do. 
What would be the point of living a life that you are moping through all day long?!

The answer to all of life's problems is this: Look to God! God is here by our side through every little trial, every tear, every  trouble you may face.  Not only that, he is by your side sharing with you all the joy and laughter that may shine upon your face too.   God isn't only here for us when we are in trouble, he is also sharing in all of the joy that you posses.

But, you do need to look to God for help when you need it. He is a comforting and mighty God, and he wants you to come to him for help. He wants to comfort you in is strong arms and make you feel as if you are loved.

You may be thinking "God?" "What in the world does he have to do with it? If he really cared, he would not of caused this terrible thing to happen to me. I would not be in tears all day long.  No I would be very happy. If God is so good to his children, then why am I not happy?!"

THAT, my dear friends is not the way to be.  God DOES care about you. So much so, that he died on the cross for your sins. So why would he give up on you now? God isn't a quitter. He loves you, so very much so, and is with you through every trial, every temptation, every heartache.

God hasn't abandoned you. Just because you feel lost, doesn't meant that he is not here.  For you know something? He has been there right by your side the whole time, you just didn't realize it. You know why? Because you didn't care. You didn't look to him for help. You were so busy being mad at God for all of your grief, that you forgot that he cares for you.  That he is ready to help you in all times of need.

Every single thing happens for a reason. When you wonder why God caused that to happen to you, did you know that it was for a reason? If not, then I have news for you--it was!  I have heard many a times through my life that if all days were perfectly wonderful, it wouldn't be a life at all.  That it wouldn't be any fun.  There is truth in that. Besides, think upon this.  Say there is something that you want, something that you have always wanted all your life, but you are just waiting on God to fulfill that dream.  If a certain mishap through life that caused you to be unhappy for a little while didn't happen, then what you want most may not of come true.  So you see? Everything does happen for a reason. Just, right then and there you didn't realize it.  You never do until the future.

When troubles do arise, we need to look to God on high.  He is an Amazing, All powerful, glorious, wonderful God! One who can do anything or everything. One who is with you through every tribulation, every sorrow. Even through all the joy you posses. He has created everything for a reason. Does everything for a reason. And IS who he is, for a reason.   So when you are feeling lost and alone, and are wondering where to go, or who to look to? Well my answer is to you..: "Look to GOD!"  The Lord is our strength, he is our light, he is our life, our joy, our all....

March 10, 2010

I will serve you while I'm waiting....

"I am waiting for, praying for you darling, wait for me too, wait for me as I wait for you, cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling, wait for me too, wait for me as I wait for you, darling wait..."

This song "Wait for me" was written by Rebbecca St James.  It's a very wonderful song, and reminds us to wait for our future husbands, and them for us.  If you have heard the song, you know what I mean, even the verses are grand.  But it's become one of my favorites that she has actually written, and sings.

Of course after reading the chorus you may already know where I am going  from here.  Love... and waiting for you future husbands!  You may have read about waiting for your husbands on other blogs, but you can hear it again, because for one, mine may be quite different, and ALSO you hardly ever hear it anymore.  But down to the subject.  Many girls .... excuse me, MOST girls anymore, are NOT waiting for there future husbands.  No way! Who would wait when you could get a lot of boyfriends? Oh, Brother! That's dumb!  But its true, that's what is going on these days.

But let me back up a bit...  Of course every young lady is looking forward to their wedding day. I am! And to tell you the truth, it would be very odd if one wasn't.  But anymore the meaning of love is mixed up.  Its not about waiting for your husbands, they should be your first beau, your first kiss is with HIM. NOPE! Now it is boyfriend after boyfriend after boyfriend. Whew! I can't imagine having that many.  Girls are getting 50 boyfriends, marrying, then divorcing...and it goes on.  Do you think that is true love?  Marrying so many guys, and falling in love with every guy under the sun.  Do you think that is love? NO NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!  Of course not. And I hope and pray that was your answer too.   What ever happened to first true love?? And, one guy in your life?  Hmm..?? Does anyone have an answer?

I DO! Girls are wanting SOOOOO much attention, and they don't want towait for there futures husbands, because they want A LOT of guys in their life.

Okay ladies listen up! Wouldn't it be so very WONDERFUL to fall in love for the first time? To have one man that truly loves you? ONE man that you waited all of your life for? And some day, one day, you marry him! Oh, how glorious that will be!! When you give your love and heart to ONE man someday.  That is exactly what I want for my life!  It will be a grand occasion!

Boyfriends are not everything!  They will steal your heart away, and break it one by one.  For if you are having boyfriend after boyfriend, then that means he is dropping you for someone else.  If that is the case, then he is NOT the right one for you.  The right man that God has for you would never do that. He would love you to the ends of the earth, and never ever leave you!
I have to say, I do not want to be like the rest of this world and have so many boyfriends. Nope! Even if my parents LET me go out into this world (which they wouldn't) and act like everyone else, have boyfriends, and go on dates...Well I would NOT want to do it!  Even if I was the only person in this world that was waiting, well I would still hold on.  For if you trust GOD, all things work out for good to them that love him.  And absolutely ALL things are possible with him!  Not some things, but ALL!

And not only are girls just getting boyfriends, they are also getting pregnant.  I know of some girls that are pregnant, and they are not married.  And in MOST cases, the girls get pregnant and then don't even want to marry the guy that they got pregnant with. That's even worse. Or, not only that, they get abortions.  Good grief, then WHY in the world did they even let the guys touch them?? Can anyone answer that? I am afraid I don't have an answer for this one. Girls are just being weird!(I am using the word lightly.)

Everyone listen, God intended all girls to only have one husband, not 50! (unless you remarry if your husband dies. But then still it wouldn't be 50.) But getting one after another just because you want to, and because everyone else is, is not right.

So girls, wait on your husbands, your prince charming. God will send him to you in due time, if he hasn't yet.   All cases of meeting your future husband is different.  But no matter what it is with you, remember to "Trust in the Lord, will all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths."

And if you ARE waiting, then I am very happy for you, and hope you continue too!

Now guys, I cannot skip you. Maybe you were hoping that I would, but NOPE, you were wrong. You are JUST as much included in this as the girls.  You guys also may be going from girlfriend to girlfriend.  That's not a way a guy should be. You need to treat them right, don't become their boyfriend if you are just going to drop them for someone else.  When you DO find the right one, love and cherish them, for that is what girls love, and that is what the scripture teaches.  Believe me, I know what I am saying, because I AM a girl.
And if you have not found her yet, then wait for her. Don't go after other girls. Wait, just wait. For God has the perfect timing. If you haven't found her yet, then that is because it is not in God's timing.  So wait!...   Everything I said up there to the girls pertains to you gentlemen too, so you can follow it without me having to repeat myself.

Girls and boys, while you ARE waiting, serve God while doing so.  Live your life according to Gods will, and don't ruin it, just for what you want. Gods timing is perfect! And trust him!
All of you can share your story with me if you like.  If you are battling with serving God while waiting, or even having trouble waiting.  If you ARE waiting, or have waited and God has sent you your chosen one. I would be more than happy to listen.  And if you are just wanting me to see it, not the whole crowd that reads my blog, then just say so, and I won't publish the comment.

I thank everyone who has read this! I hope you are waiting and living your life according to God's will and purpose.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not on thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he will direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

"For we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

"Delight thyself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of thine heart." Psalm 37:4